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Algae Control

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String Algae & Green Water Solutions

All non chlorine treated, or "natural", water features will deal with some form of "green water" or "string algae" in it's lifetime, some more than others. Algae forms when there are too many nutrients in the water without any natural ways to dissolve them, or a filtration system is not adequate enough to handle the volume of water or nutrients in the system.

String algae happens to the best of us, here in the Media, Middletown & Delaware County, PA surrounding area, be it a big pond or small pond, a professionally installed pond, or the backyard DIY pond. String algae in your koi pond and water garden are nothing new, nothing unusual, and nothing to be ashamed of; so let’s talk about it. Let’s talk algae, shall we?

Pond & Water Feature Algae Control

Luckily there are many ways to control string algae, with the variable being, how long you are willing to wait for the algae to clear. Increasing, supplementing, and improving filtration, to process nutrients more efficiently, is kind of the no brainer solution to string algae control. There is also the organic time tested method of letting the algae bloom, peak, and die; this takes time and patience. you can practice manual removal as well and get in there to start pulling it. You could simply do a cleanout of the pond. There are also chemical based and bacteria based treatments, that can clear string algae in your Media, Middletown & Delaware County, PA surrounding area, koi pond and waterfalls pretty quickly in most cases.

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