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Our Most Popular Services

Pond Installation

Preparing to build a pond on your property? Careful research, ensures decisions on location, size and other factors, create a foundation for a beautiful pond to be enjoyed for years to come. Many decisions are made during the planning phase regarding sustainable design, cost, logistics and overall look and functionality of a pond.

Pondless Waterfalls

Disappearing Pondless Waterfalls are just like they sound. A waterfall or stream, without the need for a pond or visible body of water. Pondless waterfalls rely on an underground water storage system, housing a pump to recirculate the water via the start of the waterfall or stream system. Pondless waterfalls can be installed in the smallest of spaces, or the largest of projects.


Our Fountain installations range from small entryway or backyard features, to larger commercial installations. From bubbling boulders, urns and spitters, to large basalt columns and shooting water spouts, we do it all. Contact us today to see what might be possible for your property, or place of business.

Underwater Lighting

Why would you have a water feature installed, and not add underwater LED lighting to your budget? If you ask us, adding LED lights to your pond, pondless waterfall, or fountain adds much more than just lights. It allows you to double the time of enjoyment of your water feature. It will drastically enhance your outdoor lifestyle, if your water feature is close to your outdoor living space.

Lake Fountains

If you have a large pond, or smaller lake that is stagnant, or needs a little focal point of interest; a pond & lake fountain, or aeration system, may be what you are looking for. Fountains add the dramatic looks and sounds of water, while enhancing the aeration of your water. Aeration adds oxygen to your water and promotes a healthy ecosystem.

Pond Cleaning

Pond cleaning in our areas of PA happens, usually, in the early to mid spring. Ecosystem ponds will benefit from having the water removed, and rocks and gravel power washed, to remove any excess algae or organic debris. Some ponds or water gardens may need a lighter "filtration" system cleaning also, this depends on the amount of fish and plants that are in the pond system.

Pond Repair

Chances are very good that if your pond was built by a Qualified Pond Contractor, you won’t be visiting this page very often. However, what about ponds that were built by someone else? Do you have a pond that was built by a landscaper or a handyman, or even a pond contractor that is no longer in business? Or perhaps you built your own pond, and it is just not performing the way you had hoped. We can help you with that!

Algae Control

All non chlorine treated, or "natural", water features will deal with some form of "green water" or "string algae" in it's lifetime, some more than others. Algae forms when there are too many nutrients in the water, without any natural ways to dissolve them, or a filtration system is not adequate enough to handle the volume of water or nutrients in the system.

Leak Detection

Our Leak Detection services for water features depends on the type of water feature you have, and the severity of the water loss in your system. Most leaks occur either in the waterfall/stream sections of your system, or in the edges of your pond or basin. There's no magic wand to wave in finding leaks, it all depends on trial & error. "Try looking under this rock, if it's not there, find another"

Pond Renovations

When is it time to renovate your water feature? There are many factors to consider when dealing with a troublesome water feature. If your pond or waterfall is losing lots of water, and you've exhausted all efforts to find the leak, it may be time for a renovation. If your water feature is older and showing it's age, it may also be time to renovate.

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